Meet Ms. Malavong Maniseng, Online Marketing and Start-ups.

The Redlipstik proudly introduce you to another strong woman who is passionate about coming up with new business ideas. Malavong started her recycle art business by turning waste paper into beautiful art products to promote environmental protection and recycling habits among young generation. She is woman who made her own career choice, believed in herselfContinue reading “Meet Ms. Malavong Maniseng, Online Marketing and Start-ups.”

Meet Toomkham Phoungmachan, a Business Development Consultant

More than 10 years of experience in banking and finance sector.  5 years as a female entrepreneur, CEO and a founder of iCare Benefits Laos involving more than 245 partners with 45,000 employees joining the program. Graduated with MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University of Technology, London, UK. Toomkham first collaboration with the Solver Laos wasContinue reading “Meet Toomkham Phoungmachan, a Business Development Consultant”

The Redlipstik Initiative

The Australian Alumni and friends joined force to extend helping hands during the coldest month in Lao PDR. Jan 2021, our friends personally donated funds to provide (1) food supplies to soldiers at the border in Xiengkhouang Province and (2) school supplies and warm clothing for children in Houaphanh Province. The total funding reach moreContinue reading “The Redlipstik Initiative”

How We Lead

The Solver Laos is led by female entrepreneur who has cultivated her experiences from working in various organizations such as international financial institutes, donors, not-for-profit organization, corporate companies and more. The sectors involved agriculture, construction, mining, hydro power, petroleum, hospitality, services, education, statistics, special economic zones, entrepreneurship and employment. The involvement in various sectors encouragedContinue reading “How We Lead”