Corporate Social Responsibility

We helped disadvantage groups (orphans, mute, autistic, poverty) on school supplies, meals and such. We also participate in disaster reliefs in the country to align and synergizing our business operations with the believe in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our triple bottom line for business solution:

Green office initiative is about humanizing our workplace by intentionally bringing elements of the outdoors indoors that can impact productivity.

Environmental activity to treat the environment as our equal stakeholder, the planetary benefits are clear for all to see; the rewards evidenced in the long-term sustainability of both our natural and business ecosystems.

Equal opportunity for recruitment, merit system for pay grade and respectful work environment for stronger, more cohesive teams, improved talent recruitment, higher employee morale and increased our brand loyalty.

We provide training on Corporate Social Responsibility to organizations that are interested in sensitizing their employees on CSR concept as well as coaching the organization to formulate their CSR strategy and action plan. The Solver Laos does not only help the company to identify potential CSR activities that match their business sector but could also help to implement the activities too.

Photo: CSR training for Lao Airlines

The RedLipstik Initiative

The Redlipstik initiative was born under the CSR arm of the Solver Laos back in 2020, where the ultimate goal is to provide a platform for  female professionals to network and support each other on professional and personal development. During Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, everything was slowly down which gives us time to rethink and revamp ourselves on our strengths and our intention to grow and give back to the society. Why The Redlipstik? I came across a quote from Audrey Hepburn `` There is a shade of red for every woman” and a wisdom quote “You know a woman means business when she puts on a red lipstick” which are aligned with the Solver Laos branding and the shade of red also portrays the Solver Laos Logo. Red portrays BOLD AND EXPERIMENTAL hence The Redlipstik will be BOLD and EXPERIMENTAL leading the way to promote women participation in being strong and giving back to the society. The Redlipstik will bring out the best and beauty in Lao women. 

What we are and where we are going? 

The Solver Laos is a good starting platform where female professionals could support each other and link to the consulting or freelance job they are passionate about. The website of the company could be the venue to feature profiles of our outstanding women. We want to promote women empowerment. Lets stay Bold and Experimental!

Training CSR in Luang Prabang

On February 25, 2022 the UNDP in partnership with the Investment Promotion Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize CSR outreach and training for public and private sectors in Luang Prabang provinces to disseminate CSR guidelines and tools as well as raising awareness on how the government is promoting CSR activities. The training allows participants to learn about new CSR approach as well as having an opportunity to share the current practices and how to improve them.

Launching of Job Centre

In December 2021, The Solver Laos in partnership with UNDP launched a Job Centre called Job Assist Office or JAO to provide free employment services for unemployed youths and venerable groups in response to Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, young employees and newly graduated could not retain or find a job. The Solver Laos would like to be part of the solutions for the society in providing a helping hand to match job seekers to employers.

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