Staffs at the Solver Laos are encouraged to come up with ideas to improve office environment, their well-being, their work-life balance, as well as the time allocation to participate in social and charitable work.

The Solver Laos

Vacancy Announcement ປະກາດຮັບສະໝັກຕໍາແຫນ່ງ ການເງິນໃຫມ່

The Solver Laos Sole Co., Ltd ( is a consultancy firm which is growing its customer base both domestically and internationally and we are looking for a team member to join us at our office located at Saphanthong Neau Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital. The Solver Laos provide services to business and development sector with a focus on corporate social responsibility, development project design and evaluation, firm management enhancement. The Solver Laos is searching for a suitable candidate for the Position of Finance Officer

Main Duties ຫນ້າທີ່ຫລັກ:

  • Prepare monthly expenses for the office. ກະກຽມແຜນຈ່າຍ
  • Prepare cheques and other financial documents for payment of related activitiesກະກຽມແຜນເຊັກ ແລະ ເອກະສານໃນການຈ່າຍເງິນ
  • Record transactions in the accounting software ຈັດເກັບປ້ອນຂໍ້ມູນເຂົ້າບັນຊີລາຍຮັບລາຍຈ່າຍ
  • Check the accuracy of all expenditures in accordance with the financial policy of the company ກວດກາຄວາມຖືກຕ້ອງຂອງລາຍຮັບລາຍຈ່າຍທຽບໃສ່ນະໂຍບາຍການເງິນຂອງບໍລິສັດ.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements according to the requirements ກະກຽມບົດລາຍງານປະຈຳທຸກເດືອນ ແລະ ໄຕມາດ
  • Coordinate with staff and partners to monitor advance payments ປະສານນຳພະນັກງານ ແລະ ຄູ່ຮ່ວມງານໃນການຈ່າຍເງິນລ່ວງຫນ້າ
  • Check all vouchers including bank payments, petty cash payments and journal vouchers with special attention to be given to the documentation, approvals and coding ກວດກາໃບບິນຕ່າງໆໃຫ້ຖືກຕ້ອງຕາມເອກະສານ.
  • Review all bank reconciliations on monthly basis. Ensure that petty cash reconciliations and cash counts are properly documented and that payments are properly authorized and supported ກວດການສົມທຽບກະແສເງິນສົດ, ກະແສເງິນໃນທະນະຄານໃຫ້ ດຸ່ນດ່ຽງ.
  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts and current accounts on a regular basis including travel and loan accounts as well as overdue outstanding amounts. ກວດກາລາຍງານບັນຊີ ດຸ່ນດ່ຽງ
  • Assist Finance Officer to Provide various financial and accounting reports when needed ຊ່ວຍພະແນກການເງິນໃນການກະກຽມລາຍງານບັນຊີ-ການເງິນ
  • Process monthly payroll on time; review changes, adjustments and deduction thereto ກະກຽມແຜນເງິນເດືອນໃຫ້ທັນເວລາ
  • Ensure that confidentiality of payroll information is maintained and that accurate pay slips are provided on monthly basis ຮັບຮອງ ແລະ ເກັບຮັກສາຄວາມລັບໄດ້ດີ
  • Calculate, deduct and manage tax issues as per regulatory requirements ໄລ່ລຽງອາກອນ ແລະ ຕິດຕາມການມອບ ອາກອນ
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned ປະຕິບັດວຽກອື່ນໆທີ່ມອບໝາຍໃຫ້.

Qualifications ຄຸນນະວຸດທິ:

  • At least Higher Diploma in Finance and Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce, Economics or a relevant field. Relevant professional certificates in accounting, and financial management.

ຈົບຊັ້ນສູງຂຶ້ນໄປ ດ້ານ ການເງິນ ການບັນຊີ, ດ້ານ ບໍລິຫານ ທຸລະກິດ ຫຼື ດ້ານ ການຄ້າ ເສດຖະສາດ. ຖ້າມີໃບປະກາດດ້ານ ການເງິນລະດັບສາກົນCPA ຈະໄດ້ຮັບການພິດຈາລະນາເປັນພິເສດ

  • Having at least one year of experience

ມີປະສົບການຢ່າງຕ່ຳ 1 ປີ ຂຶ້ນໄປ

  • Able to use computer, familiarize with Accounting software (APIS/Quickbook), Microsoft office package and email

ສາມາດນຳໃຊ້ຄອມພີວເຕີ, ໂປແກມບັນຊີ (APIS/Quickbook), Microsoft office ແລະ ສື່ ອິເລັກໂທຣນິກໄດ້ດີ

  • Having basic English skill or any other foreign language (apart from Thai Language) will specially consider.

ມີພື້ນຖານດ້ານພາສາອັງກິດ ຫຼື ພາສາຕ່າງປະເທດໃດໜຶ່ງ (ນອກຈາກພາສາໄທ) ຈະຮັບພິດຈະລະນາດເປັນພິດເສດ

The interest candidate can email your application (Resume/CV and a Cover Letter) to  no later than 30/07/2021.

ທ່ານໃດສົນໃຈ ສາມາດສະຫມັກຕໍາແຫນ່ງນີີ້ໄດ້ໂດຍການສົ່ງອີເມວ ຫາ  ຕິດຂັດຊິວະປະຫວັດຫຍໍ້ ແລະ ຫນັງສືປາດຫນ້າບໍ່ໃຫ້ກາຍວັນທີ 30/07/2021.

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