The Redlipstik Initiative

The Australian Alumni and friends joined force to extend helping hands during the coldest month in Lao PDR. Jan 2021, our friends personally donated funds to provide (1) food supplies to soldiers at the border in Xiengkhouang Province and (2) school supplies and warm clothing for children in Houaphanh Province. The total funding reach more than 20 million Kip from small contributions of our friends. This shows that one small drop of water does make a difference. The Redlipstik is a female professional network that supports women to grow professionally and personally. The difference is not us women alone but the influence that we, women, made was where men also joined the crowd and together we made larger positive impacts. Thank you for much for all your support and looking forward to our future impact investing. #TheRedlipstik#Female#Bold#Experimental.

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