How We Lead

The Solver Laos is led by female entrepreneur who has cultivated her experiences from working in various organizations such as international financial institutes, donors, not-for-profit organization, corporate companies and more. The sectors involved agriculture, construction, mining, hydro power, petroleum, hospitality, services, education, statistics, special economic zones, entrepreneurship and employment. The involvement in various sectors encouraged the Solver Laos to pursue the business model that centered around impact investing. Social Corporate Responsibility is the key to our business operations and we also integrated impact investing framework into our business solutions to the clients. We are trying to create a domino effect of impact investing on Lao business ecosystem to educate businesses to think of their business footprint on the society and the environment. The Solver Laos also co-managed by young energetic team who has the same mindset on doing our best to create positive impacts with a win-win-win model (company-society-country).

Staffs at the Solver Laos are encouraged to come up with ideas to improve office environment, their well-being, their work-life balance, as well as the time allocation to participate in social and charitable work.

The Solver Laos will strive to be the pioneer for impact investing in Lao PDR and we urge you to be part of the change by coming to us for synergizing your business solutions for success.

The Solver Laos Team

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